St Tropez has revolutionised the sun free tanning market over the last decade with their ever growing innovative line of tanning products. Products designed to deliver a flawless, safe tan every time, with the added bonus of nourishing ingredients specifically included to help improve the tone and condition of your skin.

Each product has been developed with the very latest innovative ingredients, including the revolutionary new fragrece technology ‘Aromagaurd’ which eliminates the tell tale self tan aroma by a minimum of 70%. So you smell as good as you look!

At Wollaston Beauty Clinic we offer 2 variations of St Tropez Tanning to cater for individual needs.

St Tropez hand applied tan

Using the original self tan bronzing lotion for a luxurious hand applied treatment.

This treatment is a relaxing and pampering hands on treatment lasting about an hour. You will receive a full body exfoliation followed by the application of St Tropez moisturiser and finally the application of the bronzing lotion.

Recommended for pre holiday tanning because of its hydrating qualities, or for clients who would like a relaxing, pampering body treatment. The tan is not as dark as the spray tan.

Before treatment advice

• Wear loose dark clothing, as the guide colour can sometimes transfer onto clothing.
• Remove perfume, deodorant, makeup, moisturisers or body oils. They can affect the results
• Perform all methods of hair removal at least 24 hrs before treatment to reduce sensitivity.

After treatment advice

• Leave tan on your skin for a minimum of 8 hours.
• Do not shower or bathe or get your skin wet for at least 8 hours.
• Do not participate in any activities likely to cause perspiration.
• After 8 hours shower off guide colour, apply St Tropez moisturiser or body butter daily in order to prolong the tan.
• Exfoliate you skin with St Tropez body polish to ensure an even fading.
• Do not rub your skin after showering or bathing.

St Tropez spray tan

The spray tan is performed in the controlled environment of the fan assisted booth in the salon.
A fine bronzing mist is applied with an air brush to provide you with a flawless tan.

The treatment takes approximately 15 minutes to cover the whole body, and the bronzing mist takes just a few minutes to dry. Allowing you to get dressed straight away.
Recommended for clients who do not have much spare time, who find it hard to apply tanning products evenly, or those who regularly use tanning products and want the spray tan to give them a boost. We stock classic mist, dark mist, express mist & Lux dry oil mist.So theres sure to be a product to suit your needs.

Before treatment advice

• Arrive for your appointment with your skin free from deodorant, perfume, moisturiser, or oils.
• Perform all methods of hair removal 24 hours prior to treatment to reduce sensitivity.
• The evening before exfoliate your entire body using the St Tropez body polish, paying particular attention to any dry areas.
• Wear dark loose clothing for your appointment. Disposable underwear is provided if required.

After treatment advice

• To help your tan last longer:-
• Do not bathe or shower for at least 8 hours after your treatment.
• Do not participate in any activities that cause perspiration for at least 12 hours.
• After the first initial shower apply ST Tropez body moisturiser or St Tropez body butter and every day after.
• Exfoliate with St Tropez body polish every 3 days for even fading.
• Do not rub the skin after bathing, instead pat the skin dry.
• We cannot guarantee longevity or even fading of the tan if the treatment advice is not followed.

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